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Classical Yoga Nidra For 


"Yoga Nidra is the art of conscious deep relaxation. The body is asleep but the mind is awake and is an active participant in the healing process. This guided meditation will take you on a journey deep inside, using your awareness to remove blockages and support the healing of your body and mind~ in essence you will be guided on a journey to heal yourself."

  • Yoga Nidra Group Classes/Workshops/ or Individual sessions
  • Yoga Nidra at Corporate. Employee wellness & workplace productivity
  • Yoga Nidra for Kids

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Ayurvedic Retreat

Healing your Life, Be Empowered

An Approach through Ayurveda

Group classes & circles

  • Ayurvedic Class on Qualities of the 3 Doshas
  • Nature Walking Meditation
  • Sharing Spiritual Writings and Message
  • Sharing a space to talk

Classes starting: TBA

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Public Event on Ancient Ayurveda

Save the date!



To Discover the Wisdom & Enchantment of

The Ancient Science of Ayurveda

Origin ~ more than 5,000 years ago!

Ayurveda is Sister Science to Yoga

Presenter: Swashna Prasad

Ayurvedic Health Counselor

Presentation Location:


To Secure Seat....PLEASE RSVP

Upon attending you are eligible to receive door prizes that you can utilize towards Ayurvedic Counseling.

Akashic Records

Journeying & Healing

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Akashic Records Workshop

3 two to three hour workshops

Class One

Learn how to access and how to journey into your akashic

Class Two

Learn how to heal and re-create your Akashic

Class Three

Learn how to use Akashic to read and heal yourself, your family and others.

Cost: $300.00

Date and Time: TBA

 Chakra Healing Workshop

​Chakra Cleaning,​ Clearing and Activation & Recalibrating through Ayurvedic point of view. This workshop will also include energetic and physical meditation to assist​ the process. 

Information Coming Soon

Classes TBA

Reiki Healing combined with 

Crystal Sound + Energetic Meditation

Express Your Healing Soul Tea Circle

Please Note: Location has changed

Express you Healing Soul Tea Circle will provide a platform where you can express your voice to provide melody to your souls whisper, creating healing of body, mind and spirit. Come and join this circle and become part of a spiritual family, meet like minded souls and know that you are not alone in the healing journey. Our mission is to create a sense of community that provides support and a safe and sacred space for all to express and to heal the throat chakra. Respecting one's healing journey and mission. No Judgement. No Attachment. As a medium/psychic I will also deliver individual messages to you by the divine spirit (if you so choose). Space will be limited so please RSVP to secure your spot.

Aphrodite Moon Dance Workshop

Workshop Includes:

  • Intension to Release and Let Go 2019
  • Goddess Aphrodite Meditation
  • Goddess Dance, Divine Music
  • Laughter, Singing/Chanting
  • Journaling, Energetic Meditation
  • Aromatherapy: Essential Oils + Oils
  • Healing Sacral Chakra
  • Awakening the divine goddess within
  • Empowering the circle with feminine energy
  • Sharing food and nurturing energy
  • And More!

New Moon & Full Moon Healing Circles

Classes starting TBA

Page is currently under construction. 

Please come back soon.

Healing Chant Circles

Previous Class Held on 

February 21, 2020 on the Mahashivaratri 

Next Class TBA


Art & Meditation Workshop

Using Sacred Geometric Designs

Next Class TBA


Express Your Healing Soul


Do you like to write inspirational messages or journal? Is writing your only way to express your emotions? Have you ever been in a situation where your voice had been dis-empowered creating a blockage in your throat chakra? Do you want to share your inspirational messages but are too shy, nervous or lack courage? Then this workshop is for you. I have created this class from a very personal experience where I learnt how not being able to express your words and emotions of your soul can lead to imbalances in the body leading to suffering.

Purpose: This class is not to teach how to write, but is a profound healing class to share and express your spiritual Inspirational writing messages. A safe healing space where you are able to speak, hear and listen to your divine self. Healing of soul expression will not only clean, clear and heal your throat chakra but will also assist to open the golden petals of your heart chakra, as the heart is the seat of the soul.

What to expect:

1. Class will start and end with the divine blessings from the beings of love and light. This is to ensure our healing space is packed with healing energy, empowerment, support & guidance and any other vibration that you may resonate with.

2. Each participant will be provided space to express their message/writings.

3. It is a healing space of non-attachment and non-judgement.

4. Be ready to activate your healing to the degree that you would choose

5. And there is so much more...find out by being part of the circle.

Do you feel called to join this healing circle but are not sure if you want to speak. Not a problem. Even hearing people speak their divine soul expression can create healing, motivation and empowerment in your energetic fields.

RSVP today to participate in this safe, healing and interactive circle.

How to Register & Pay:

Contact Swashna Prasad or Esther Omokheoa by email and payment can be done by e-transfer to secure your seat.


[email protected]

or message me through meetup


[email protected]

Oasis Wellness Centre

1111 Austin Avenue

Coquitlam, BC

2nd Floor, Blue Room